CELEBRATING OUR HERITAGE, The East Texas Oilfield!  (Reunion Photos by David Holcombe, Class of 1962)

      The Gladewater Former Students’ Annual All School Reunion 2014 is now in the history books, but the memories linger with all that attended. A special thank you to the Class of 1964 for the hard work and planning that went into making it a super reunion for all of us. Alumni began arriving early Saturday morning and the visiting and hugging was in full force when President John Paul Tallent called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. During a great barbeque lunch, there was a lot of table hopping and more visiting. Jack Jones from the Class of 1964 took over the meeting after lunch and the program was great with Dr. Syntha West presenting our first Outstanding Alumnus, Ronald Williams from Class of 1956. Ronald’s acceptance speech brought back memories of his parents, Herman and Mary Williams. Dr. Dean Victory, Class of 1964, our second Outstanding Alumnus was introduced by Wesley Ray and had all of us laughing out loud with his acceptance speech which thanked a lot of people, especially GHS teachers, for preparing him for college and his 35 years as a college professor at Texas Tech University. President Tallent announced that the Gladewater Museum had invited all the Alumni to a special open house at the museum. Most of us took them up on their offer and it was exciting to “relive” Gladewater as some of us remember it. After we rested up from the morning, we began arriving for the Saturday night festivities and after a great dinner, we were entertained by Shake Rattle and Roll and then music to dance the night away.  But before the music began the Spirit Stick was passed to Danny Strickland (Class of 1965) with the challenge to make next year’s reunion a time to remember. We all left with more memories and “See you next year”, but everyone left with smiles and the thought that they were glad they came.  Again, a special thanks to the class of 1964 for making this reunion so special. 
      The GFSA considers the Outstanding Alumni Award its highest honor to be given to those former students having achieved significant and unusual accomplishments.  The 2014 Outstanding Alumni Awards were presented at the September All-School Reunion to:
      RONALD WILLIAMS, Class of 1956

      HAROLD DEAN VICTORY, Class of 1964


      Ronald Williams, Class of 1956

      Ronald Williams is President of Custom Benefit Services of Midland and has won numerous production awards from the various insurance companies that he has represented over his 52 year career in the business.  During this time, he has been associated with several professional organizations such as a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Texas Association of Life Underwriters, and a member of the Midland Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Williams has also served on several community boards and is credited with organizing and producing 13 Community Builder Awards presented to Midland’s best.  In addition, he serves on the Board of Deacons of the First Presbyterian Church, Midland.  In 1976, Ronald Williams initiated the Midland Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 organization that presents an annual scholarship to a graduating senior from each of the three high schools in Midland County, Texas.  He serves as a permanent trustee of this foundation.  Mr. Williams has also served as an Ambassador with the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas, the Shrine Orthopedic Hospital for Children, Houston and the Shrine Burns Hospital, Galveston.  

      The GFSA Board is proud to honor Mr. Ronald Williams, Class of 1956, with a 2014 GFSA Outstanding Alumnus Award.  He is a proven leader in his professional career, his community, and his church.


      Dean Victory, Class of 1964

      Dean Victory received his Ph.D., in Applied Mathematics from Purdue University in 1974 and in that same year was employed by Texas Tech University where he served as a Professor of Mathematics until his retirement in 2013. The university encouraged research, acquiring grants, and educating graduate students for gainful employment.  Dr. Victory was successful in all three of these areas.  He directed the Thesis study of numerous graduate students who were earning their M.S. in Mathematics and/or Physics plus several additional students earning their Doctor of Philosophy at Texas Tech.  He has authored 47 research articles which may be found in such publications as the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, the Numerische Mathematik,  the Annals of Nuclear Energy,  and the Journal of Statistical Physics (to name a few).  During his career, Dr. Victory was the recipient of many successful grant-funded research contracts and was invited as a professional presenter at many universities here in America as well as overseas in Ireland, Germany and the USSR (Moscow). 

      The GFSA Board is proud to honor Dr. Dean Victory, Class of 1964, with a 2014 GFSA Outstanding Alumnus Award.  He has distinguished himself in his professional career and is well-known and respected among his peers. 

      A new committee was formed this year to look into fundraising projects that will benefit our association, most especially our scholarship fund for GHS Seniors.  Members of this committee are Steve Scurlock ’68, Cathy Phillips Shipp ’65, Shirley Elliott Willett ’68, Dale Lange ’69, Larry Clemens ’68, and Mike Formby ’64.  Plans are developing for an Annual Sporting Clay Shoot to be held at the Prairie Creek Ranch, Gladewater. (Tentatively planned for the Spring 2015 with more information to be published in our Fall Newsletter).
    • 2014 Memorial Day Observance
      Once again the Gladewater Former Students' Association provided for the ceremony observing Memorial Day. It was held at the Veterans' Memorial in downtown Gladewater. The turnout was fairly impressive considering the terrible wind and spotty rain conditions.  The introduction was made by GFSA President John Paul Tallent and was followed by a heart-warming speech given by active duty Spec. 4 Jonathan Fontenot of the U.S. Army.  A reading about the meaning of Memorial Day was given by Union Grove High School students Molly Jasper & Logan Henderson.  A beautiful rendition of "Taps" was played by Austin McFarland from White Oak who is now a member of the Texas A&M Symphonic Band & Hullabaloo Band.

      If you haven't visited the Gladewater Former Students' Association Veterans' Memorial in downtown Gladewater, we invite you to stop by. We have one of the most beautiful monuments in the state and we are very proud of our memorial. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards the upkeep of the War Memorial, just send a check to the GFSA, P.O. Box 1425, Gladewater, TX 75647. Be sure and write Veterans' Memorial Fund on the memo line of your check.
    • ANNOUNCEMENTS & Other News
      GFSA AWARDS SCHOLARSHIPS TO GHS SENIORS: Four GHS senior students each received a $1000 scholarship at the Senior Class Awards program on Thursday, June 5, 2014.  Syntha West, scholarship committee chairman for our association, presented the scholarships to Maggie Bright, Emilye Harris, Chandler Smith, and Carneshia Tatum.

      Do you know a Gladewater Former Student who has been honored or recognized in your community, school, workplace? Please let us know! Just email the information to info@gladewaterformerstudents.com and we will recognize that alumnus on this website and in our quarterly newsletter mailed to members of the Association.
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    • GHS Alma Mater

      Dear Gladewater,
      Alma Mater,
      On the field we cheer you,
      In our hearts revere you.

      Dear School Mother,
      We love no other
      As we love and honor you.

      We shall treasure friendships
      Made within your halls,
      Mingled with the memories
      Of Your hallowed walls.

      Dear Gladewater
      Alma Mater
      We will be ever true to you!

      Cothburn Madison O'Neal
      GHS Band Director

    • GHS Bears Fight Song
      2012 Bears Football Schedule

      Here come the Bears,
      Better let them by!

      Here come the Bears,
      With the battlecry!

      See them rollin'
      Puttin' on the steam!

      Everybody's rootin'
      for the team!

      They've got the steam
      and they've got the fight!

      They'll win the game
      All right!

      They can't be tamed
      And they can't be beat!

      They don't know
      the word Defeat!

      So, everybody on your feet
      'Cause here come the Bears!

      Ken Bennett
      GHS Choir Director